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Miller-Leaman's water filtration systems will keep your irrigation equipment running smoothly at all times. Our Thompson Strainer has the lowest pressure loss in the industry. Our Turbo-Disc Full-Flow filtration systems apply fully automatic, self-cleaning disc filtration technology, so your irrigation equipment maintenance will be minimized. Even better, our automatic, self cleaning filtration systems will help to reduce backwash water volume by up to 75%.

We Deliver the Perfect Product for your Filtration Needs

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing filtration products for our customers, Miller-Leaman, Inc. has the knowledge and credibility to deliver the right product to you. We manufacture three unique filtration products, along with many custom filtration systems to meet the needs of our customers.

Thompson Strainer

The Thompson Strainer is our highly efficient, patented stainless steel strainer which features a large conical screen, offering substantially more screen surface area versus traditional y-strainers or basket strainers. All models operate with less than a 1-PSI pressure loss at maximum flow when clean.

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Thompson Strainer Instrumentation Packages

For enhanced capability, any Thompson Strainer can be outfitted with a Pressure Differential Alarm (PDA2), Automatic Timer Flush Package (ATF2-150) or both (PDA/ATF-MAX).

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Turbo-Disc Full-Flow Systems

The Automatic Turbo-Disc Filter is a fully automatic, self-cleaning disc filter system. Available in multiple micron sizes, the lightweight three-dimensional polypropylene disc media uses a minimal amount of backwash water (approximately 10 gallons of water per pod) compared to other automatic filters on the market.

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Helix HD Series

Miller Leaman’s Helix Disc filter models are available in three different sizes: 2”, 2” Super and 3” models.

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Maxim Controller

The MAXIM is our state-of-the-art backwash controller designed for automatic filtration systems.

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Thompson Swing Bolt Strainer

The Swingbolt Lid design offers quick and easy access for internal screen maintenance and is rated for up to 150 PSI.

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Thompson High Temp/High Pressure Strainers

Our Thompson strainers can be customized in a variety of designs to accommodate higher pressure (i.e. over 150 PSI) and/or high temperature (i.e. exceeding 135 F/57 C). Contact your Miller-Leaman rep for additional information to qualify the application.

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Thompson Rinse Nozzle Strainer

Our unique and innovative rinse nozzle design Thompson Strainer minimizes the frequency of internal screen cleaning and is ideal for qualified applications.

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Thompson Pump Skid Strainer

Save time and engineering with our Thompson Strainer Pump Skid packages. The skids remove oversized impurities from all types of liquids and can be used as side-stream, slip-stream or full-flow applications. The system continuously monitors the filtration differential to run efficiently without requiring operator contact. Proven high performance strainer in a compact, robust design.

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Helix HS Series

Miller Leaman’s Helix Screen filter models are available in three different sizes: 2”, 2” Super and 3” models.

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Thompson Duplex/Manifold Strainer

Save time and engineering with our Thompson Strainer Duplex packages. The strainers can be used as a duplex system or both strainers on-line and isolated when service is needed which allows continuous/non-stop operation. Strainers remove impurities from all types of liquid applications such as dirt, debris, scale, sediment, etc. and prevent downstream contamination. Systems are designed with two simplex strainers plumbed together and isolated by an inlet and outlet two-way valve that controls the flow. Our optional instrumentation packages continuously monitor the filtration differential to run efficiently. Proven high performance duplex strainers in a compact, robust design.

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