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Thompson Pump Skid Strainer

Save time and engineering with our Thompson Strainer Pump Skid packages. The skids remove oversized impurities from all types of liquids and can be used as side-stream, slip-stream or full-flow applications. The system continuously monitors the filtration differential to run efficiently without requiring operator contact. Proven high performance strainer in a compact, robust design.

Product Details

The Thompson Strainer is our highly efficient, patented stainless steel strainer which features a large conical screen, offering substantially more screen surface area versus traditional y-strainers or basket strainers. All models operate with less than a 1-PSI pressure loss at maximum flow when clean. Our Thompson Pump Skid systems are assembled, tested and ready to ship complete on a stainless steel skid frame assembly. Each system will automatically flush itself but is assembled for quick and simple cleaning.

Each Pump Skid package includes:

  • Thompson Strainer with pressure transducers for DP monitoring
  • High-quality pump (to meet the specified flow and pressure requirements)
  • Our proprietary state-of-the-art Maxim Controller with motor starter assembly

Miller-Leaman’s compact, yet powerful Maxim backwash controller provides for complete control of the filter system, enabling the backwash cycle to be triggered manually, by a preset differential pressure, or by specified elapsed time.

The skid mounted system arrives completely assembled and prewired with a single-point electrical connection. Our innovative pump skid systems are value engineered to deliver superior performance and long-term reliability.

Key Features
  • Simple design

  • Space saving profile

  • Greater screen surface area

  • Less than 1 PSI pressure loss

  • High quality stainless steel

  • Improves heat transfer

  • Reduces energy cost

  • Flush particles via bottom flush port

  • High-tech controls using transducers

  • High filtration rate, low pressure loss

  • Monitors differential pressure via Maxim Controller

  • Cooling Tower

  • Chilled Water

  • Well / Surface Water

  • Process Water

  • Wastewater / Reclaim Water

  • Municipal Water

  • Mining Applications

  • Chemical Processing

  • Food / Beverage Applications (Sanitary Design)

Specs & Documentation

Inlet Outlet
Temp Lid type Max Pressure Flush Port
MLS-2 Skid60~130122 sq. in.2”/NPT or
135 FClamp125 PSI1 ½ NPT
MLS-3 Skid110~230200 sq. in.3”/NPT or
135 FClamp125 PSI1 ½ NPT
MLS-4C Skid225~425367 sq. in.4”/FLANGED
or Grooved
135 FClamp125 PSI1 ½ NPT
MLS-4B Skid225~425367 sq. in.4”/FLANGED
or Grooved
135 FBolted150 PSI1 ½ NPT
MLS-6 Skid475~850745 sq. in.6”/FLANGED
or Grooved
135 FBolted150 PSI1 ½ NPT
MLS-8 Skid875-14501,559 sq. in.8”/FLANGED
or Grooved
135 FBolted150 PSI1 ½ NPT
MLS-10 Skid1450-22502,434 sq. in.10”/FLANGED
or Grooved
135 FBolted150 PSI1 ½ NPT
Document Name PDF
Thompson Strainer Owner's Manual
MAXIM Controller OM for Thompson Pump Skid
Thompson Strainer Efficiency Curves
Thompson Strainer Mesh/Micron Data Sheet
Thompson Strainer Cut-Sheet

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