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Thompson Strainer Instrumentation Packages

For enhanced capability, any Thompson Strainer can be outfitted with a Pressure Differential Alarm (PDA2), Automatic Timer Flush Package (ATF2-150) or both (PDA/ATF-MAX).


Product Details

Key Features
  • Monitors Differential Pressure

  • Signals When Screen Cleaning is Required

  • Audible and Visual Alarm

  • Auxiliary Contacts For Remote Monitoring

  • Automatically Flushes Particulate from Debis Reservoir

  • Adjustable Frequency and Flush Duration

  • Manual Flush Override

  • Cooling Tower

  • Chilled Water

  • Well / Surface Water

  • Process Water

  • Wastewater / Reclaim Water

  • Municipal Water

  • Mining Applications

  • Chemical Processing

  • Food / Beverage Applications (Sanitary Design)

Specs & Documentations

Document Name PDF
PDA/ATF-MAX Owner's Manual
PDA2 Owner's Manual
ATF2 Owner's Manual
Thompson Instrumentation Package Options Cut-Sheet
PDA/ATF-MAX with ML23208 Gauge Kit
PDA2 with ML23208 Gauge Kit
Spare Parts PDF
PDA & ATF Parts

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