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TowerGuard Fiber-Glass Filter

The TowerGuard side-stream sand filter series represents Miller-Leaman’s newest generation of self-cleaning cooling tower water filtration.


Product Details

The skid mounted TowerGuard filter system automatically removes particles introduced to your system from the air scrubbing action of the cooling tower as well as particles present in the cooling tower makeup water. Keeping your system free of these particles will reduce maintenance costs by keeping your cooling tower basin, heat exchanger tubes, and system piping clean. In addition, you will see an improvement in heat exchange efficiency resulting in lower energy costs. The TowerGuard utilizes a specialized granular filter media, providing particle removal approaching the 10-micron level.

Available in 44, 62, 98, 140, 190 and 250 GPM model sizes, the TowerGuard filters come complete with a robust fiberglass reinforced vessel rated at 50 PSI, a close coupled Type 316 stainless steel centrifugal pump with a TEFC motor, all mounted on a heavy-duty Type 304 stainless steel skid.

Miller-Leaman’s compact, yet powerful Maxim backwash controller provides for complete control of the filter system, enabling the backwash cycle to be triggered by a preset differential pressure, specified elapsed time, or manually.

The skid mounted system arrives completely assembled, prewired with a single-point electrical connection. Our innovative TowerGuard systems are value engineered to deliver superior performance and long-term reliability.

Key Features
  • Particle removal down to 10-micron

  • Robust fiberglass reinforced polyester vessel

  • Corrosion resistant, electrically actuated PVC 3-way valves

  • Type 316 stainless steel pump with a TEFC motor, available in Single-phase and Three-phase

  • Single-point electrical connection

  • State-of-the-art user-adjustable Maxim backwash controller

  • System arrives completely assembled & factory tested

  • Schools/Universities

  • Hospitals

  • Office Buildings

  • Hotels

  • Government Buildings

  • Industrial Facilities

Specs & Documentation

Model Type Recommended
Max Pressure PDF
TG-20Three Phase
(One Phase Available)
4450 PSI
TG-24Three Phase
(One Phase Available)
6250 PSI
TG-30Three Phase
(One Phase Available)
9850 PSI
TG-36Three Phase
(One Phase Available)
14050 PSI
TG-42Three Phase
(One Phase Available)
19050 PSI
TG-48Three Phase
(One Phase Available)
25050 PSI
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Document Name PDF
TowerGuard City Backflush Owner's Manual
TowerGuard Tower Water Backflush Owner's Manual
TowerGuard Cut Sheet

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