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Helix HD Series

Miller Leaman’s Helix Disc filter models are available in three different sizes: 2”, 2” Super and 3” models.


Product Details

Helix Disc filters can be installed in any orientation; however, it is preferable to install them with the 3/4″ flush port at the bottom. As water enters the filter housing, a high velocity centrifugal action occurs, spiraling heavier particles (sediment, scale, etc.) away from the disc cartridge, down to the base of the filter. These accumulated particles are then flushed from the filter via the 3/4” flush port connection at the base of the filter (valve not included).

Key Features
  • Large disc surface area, with three-dimensional depth

  • Particles can be flushed while filter is in operation

  • Several color-coded disc options available

  • Centrifugal cleaning action minimizes maintenance

  • Durable, corrosion-resistant

  • Quick clamp lid assembly

  • Pressure gauge ports molded into housing

  • Chilled Cooling

  • HVAC

  • Process Cooling

  • Cooling Tower

  • Hot Water

  • Pump & Valve Protection

  • Plate & Frame Protection

  • Well/Surface Water

  • Municipal Water

  • Process Water

  • Wastewater

  • Reclaim Water

Specs & Documentation

Inlet Outlet
Max Pressure Flush Port
HD -2NW1002”/Grooved125 PS3/4”
HD -2SA1002”/NPT125 PS3/4”
HD -2SW1002”/Grooved125 PS3/4”
HD -2NA1002”/NPT125 PS3/4”
HD -3NA2003”/NPT125 PS3/4”
HD -3NW2003”/Grooved125 PS3/4”
Model Type PDF
3-Pod Series
4-Pod Series
Document Name PDF
Helix HD - HS Series Filter Owner's Manual
Helix HD Cut Sheet
HVAC & Process Cooling Presentation
2" Helix Mounting Bracket
3" Helix Mounting Bracket
2" Super Helix Mounting Bracket
Spare Parts PDF
HD 2in Helix Parts
HD 2in Super Helix Parts
HD 3in Helix Parts

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