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Miller-Leaman’s Thompson SeaStrainers Installed on Pilot Boats Built by North River Boats

Miller-Leaman’s Thompson SeaStrainers Installed on Pilot Boats Built by North River Boats

Daytona Beach, Florida November 8, 2013 — Miller-Leaman Inc., a manufacturer of custom sea-strainers for the Marine Industry, built new Thompson SeaStrainers to supply North River Boats for use in their Almar line of boats.

North River Boats builds aluminum vessels for an expansive array of clients – from U.S. Coast Guard and U. S. Navy Force Protection Large boats to local, state, national and international governments. North River also builds an array of Pilot and Crew boats.

Sea-strainers remove debris from seawater before it flows to heat exchangers as well as other onboard equipment. The debris can clog a heat exchanger and reduce its ability to properly cool the engines.
Miller-Leaman helped solve a sea water strainer problem North River was having with one of their clients — the water in which their Pilot boats was being used had lots of debris and the boats were experiencing excessive clogging.

North River needed a strainer with the capability to handle these conditions and be easily purged.
“Miller-Leaman worked directly with us to provide an economical and efficient solution,” said Mike Blocher, Director of Sales and Marketing for North River Boats.

“They customized the Thompson SeaStrainer to meet our needs. We look for ward to using them in more projects,” he added.

The shape and size of the screen element are what make the Thompson SeaStrainer more functionally efficient than other strainers on the market. The strainers also include a reservoir at the base of the strainer where particulate and debris can accumulate – and be purged via a flush/drain port.

“The ability to design and manufacturer custom sea-strainers for the engine room rather than our customer’s having to design the engine room around the strainers, combined with our reputation of unsurpassed quality is what sets us apart in the Marine Indus- try,” said Chris Shuster, Miller-Leaman V.P., Sales & Marketing.

In addition to the Thompson SeaStrainer, Miller-Leaman manufactures:

Duplex Strainers, commonly used for redundancy, are designed to fit tight spaces and offer a significant weight savings compared to traditional cast duplex strainers.
Simplex Basket Strainers that are designed and fabricated to match the exact specifications of customers.

Self-Cleaning Strainers designed specifically for vessels that are water-jet pro- pelled. The innovative design utilizes a pressurized flow stream from the water- jet, continuously cleaning the strainer screen while underway.

About Miller-Leaman

Miller-Leaman has been around since 1991, and at its 52,000 square foot headquarters in Daytona Beach, Fla. Miller-Leaman manufactures standard and custom filter/strainer products for a wide variety of industries.

For more info on their marine strainers, or on any Miller-Leaman product, contact the company at 1-800-881-0320, e-mail them at sales@millerleaman.com, and visit their website at www.millerleaman.com.

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